Nikola Tesla History

Nikola Tesla was born of a family of five children. His father was a housewife and his mother was a housewife. Tesla’s father made an effort to make him a religious man. But Tesla’s eidetic memory has made signs that he will become an inventor. Tesla, although she could not read and write quite influenced by her mother, called her a genius because her repairing ability was very strong. Tesla attended the religious school at the Smiljan, where he studied arithmetic and religious education.

Gymnasium Karlovac Karlovac, Croatia (1870 – 1873)

Tesla, thanks to her hard work, entered the Gymnasium Karlovac high school and finished her four-year school in three years with outstanding success.
Austria Graz Polytechnic School Austria (1875 – 1878)
Tesla returned to Smiljan after graduating from Gymnasium Karlovac. When he was here, he contracted cholera, and died of death for about a year. Tesla had to promise Tesla to be his father until then, but Tesla promised to surrender. When he was healed, he said he would send one of the good technical schools of the period to the Graz Polytechnic School in Austria. In 1875, Tesla survived the disease and entered the technical school with the help of a military scholarship. Although the first year was quite successful, he gained a gambling habit in the following years.

This incident overshadowed his success and lost his scholarship. Tesla could not say that he was gambling with his family and could never get enough points to finish school. Tesla, who could not tell her family the truth, left school.

Prague University Prague, Czech Republic (1880 -)

Tesla is separated from the technical school due to his failure. Without telling his father and mother, Tesla borrowed money from his uncles for training. He wanted to register with the University of Prague for the money he took. However, it was too late for the registration and he could not go to this school because he did not know enough Czech and Greek. He was only able to attend the classes as an audience.



Painter Central Telegraph Office, Budapest (1881 -)
Tesla lost hope in education and moved to Budapest. She started working as a draftsman at the Central Telegraph Office.

Chief Electrician Budapest Telephone Exchange (1881 – 1882)
Tesla became the chief electrician in Budapest’s Telephone Exchange. During his time there, he made significant improvements to the equipment of the central station.
Equipment Designer Edison Company Europe, France (1882 – 1884)
Tesla’s creativity attracted attention and the Edison Company in France was employed in Europe. He worked there for two years as an equipment designer and then went to New York to work with Thomas Edison to redesign the current generators.

Electrical Engineer Edison, New York, (1884 – 1886)
Edison told Tesla that if he corrected inefficient engines and generators with an alternating current system, he would give him $ 50,000. Tesla has brought an alternative current system to Edison’s existing system, and inefficient engines and generators have been improved. But when Tesla found the solution and asked Edison for his award, Edison told him: “This promise is humor in American culture.” He said. Tesla was pretty upset about this and immediately resigned from his job.
Entrepreneur Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing (1888 -1899)

Tesla had left Edison’s side and Tesla had to find funding for his company. Tesla’s work attracted the attention of George Westinghouse and his funding was met by Westinghouse. Tesla has developed an alternating current power tool that has defeated Edison’s DC system. Tesla made patent applications during this period, including the “Tesla Coil”, which is used in radio technology, which forms the basis of the wireless technology used today. Other applications include dynamos, radar technology, X-ray technology, remote control and magnetic field. Tesla’s most important invention is the alternating current, the power system of the 20th century.
Entrepreneur USA (1899 – 1843)

Tesla has set up his own laboratory in Colorado Springs to further his work. His work here has mainly been to provide free wireless electricity throughout the world and try man-made lightning. Tesla then began working on the establishment of the wireless telecommunications facility and the world’s strongest transmitter

“Wardenclyffe Tower”. However, due to World War I, he began to suffer a serious shortage of funds. A group of investors, including finance giant JP Morgan, provided funds for the installation of Tesla’s facility and construction of the tower was started. But the funding providers, who had weakened Tesla’s belief that they could build this system, withdrew from supporting Tesla and funded Edison’s radio technology project. Tesla, too,


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