10 Minutes Roll Tiramisu

10 Minutes Roll Tiramisu

Ingredients for Roll Tiramisu Recipe in 10 Minutes

20 pieces of cat tongue
1 teaspoon granulated coffee
Half tea cup of water (50ml)
1 cup of milk (200ml)

For cream (living in Germany):

250 g Mascarpone
1 pack cream
Half Tea Cup With Sugar (50g)
1 packet of vanilla
2 teaspoons SanApart / Stage
A few drops of bitter almond aroma

250g Labne
1 pack of whipped cream and the recommended amount of cold milk on the back of the pack
Sugar according to desire.

How to Make Tiramisu Roll in 10 Minutes
Hello friends

Tiramisu lovers are here;

I came with a great recipe that you can make without much effort. Let’s move on to the word without any further extension;

First of all, two rows of stretch foil are cut to lightly adhere to a large cutting board or any other suitable base.
Coffee and water are mixed, milk is put into a deep container.
The cat tongue is immersed in milk briefly one by one, and two rows of 10 are placed side by side.

With the help of teaspoons, each coffee is spread on a spoon.
Stretch film is covered and kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours

At the end of the period, the cream is prepared, for the people in Germany: Except for SanApart, all the ingredients are taken into a deep bowl and whipped thoroughly for 20 seconds, SanApart is added slowly and the mixture is whipped until it gets a thick consistency. The cream is ready.

Whisk the cream and continue to add labne into whisking until the milk darkens and whisked. Sugar can be added according to desire. The cream is ready.
Add 3-4 tablespoons of cream into a squeeze bag to decorate. It is kept in the refrigerator.

Other cream spread in the middle of biscuits.
Stretch the foil on one side and roll to the other side is closed.
It is kept in the refrigerator again for 3-4 hours.

The longer you wait, the better results you will have, your time
if there is a hangover and remove from the closet.
The cake is put on a serving plate, decorated with cream and cocoa, and served.